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Hi there! Thanks for stoping by and wanting to meet Girafi. This is the first text on this blog but there’s so much more to come! In this post I will tell how and why we started Girafi, and more important how you can get more out your customers and drive your sales.

To tell you the truth, it was a long journey before I finally found the perfect solution to all my problems. But let’s start from the beginning…

I run my own online shop for over two years and I’ve noticed that most of my potential clients, who visited my website, have been asking me for a discount on a chosen product. One day I finally asked myself – what’s in it for me? – and wondered how to make both sides satisfied – my customers and myself. And then I came up with an idea… Sure, you will get a discount, but first you have to help me.

So, what I wanted the most from my customers to do?

  • to recommend my products to their friends,
  • to learn new things about my products,
  • to give me feedback, so I can gather an important data about them and improve my services. 

I didn’t find an easy to use tool that allowed me to do this, so we built one. Our mission is: “To change the way brands build their relationship with clients, engage them and run promotion campaigns”.


Give awards in exchange for tasks

Girafi is for building up effective campaigns and creating a win-win situation. With Girafi you convert your website visitors faster and at the same time you get from them social media recommendations, feedback and their emails. All at once!

If you’re still wondering how this people-friendly tool can be useful for you, I give you three main reasons you should consider using Girafi in your company.

1.You will understand your customers’ needs better.
You can learn great things about your customers when you ask them directly about their preferences. Let them decide which feature or product they would like to use by asking them about is as one of the tasks.
By creating a customer-friendly survey, you can obtain valuable information about your clients and get to know what they are thinking.

2.You will educate clients about your business precisely.
Customers usually don’t know about all products. They look just at what they set to buy. You can easily inform your clients in an attractive way by creating a video. By combining entertainment with useful information, your customers will learn more about your company and will enjoy your products and services to the fullest.

3.You can acquire new customers with the help of existing ones.
Reach wide audience, gain new clients and create social media buzz by encouraging your customers to share information about your company on social media.
The more people share the more people will know about your business and products. You acquire new customers by referrals coming from your current customers!

Impressive, right? Imagine… You can achieve that simply by giving
the right incentive to your customers. In exchange, they will recommend you directly to friends who might be interested in what you offer.

All you have to do is set goals for your company, choose the right tasks for your customers and give them the right incentives to complete them.

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