6 Great Tools to Thrive on Social Media in 2018

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There are over 3 billion users of social media around the world. There is no need to explain how challenging it is to get through, become visible and stay afloat. Still, so many brands out there not only succeed in doing it, but also make great money on their social media presence. How? They all have those two things in common: a great strategy and a set of powerful tools.

A well-planned strategy sets us in the right direction, enables us to evaluate the possibilities, choose applicable methods and foresee possible obstacles. The most successful people in the world of social media marketing are strategic-thinkers that prioritize their actions and set their goals clearly. But it is crucial to know… without proper tools, the chances of our strategy succeeding are halved.

Social media tools empower us and broaden our capabilities. We can listen, analyze, manage and create content all at once with a few simple clicks. Yet again, when there is everything to be found, there is nothing to be found. There are thousands of tools available out there, with new ones being created on a daily basis. Filtering through and finding the most useful and effective ones is not only time-consuming but can also be frustrating.

That is when this list comes in handy! Here are 6 excellent tools that help your social media presence grow and bring actual profit:


  1. Brand24

    This social media listening tool is a true must-have, whether you are a big company or a small business! It helps you understand your target audience by keeping you up-to-date with all the mentions related to your line of business. In practice, you will be able to track down product inquiries or product recommendations requests and address them directly. It goes beyond social media monitoring as it allows you to interact with your audience, answer their questions and reply to their comments anywhere in the web. Brand24 enables you to analyze and take conclusions from what not only your customers but also your competitors say about your brand.  Moreover, with the data collected, you can evaluate your overall brand health, detect sales opportunities and the market demand, as well as plan your marketing campaigns in a more effective manner. This tool lets you learn from customer feedback and use this knowledge to grow your business.

Key benefits:

You will be able to detect sales opportunities online, as well as deliver exactly what your target audience needs. Meeting the demands of the market is a guaranteed way of boosting sales and profits. And if you’re still not convinced, just try their free 14-day trial and see for yourself!


  1. Quuu

Quuu is a content scheduling tool for social media, but the way it works is quite different than the other ones available on the market. It actually posts articles to your social media for you, saving you time on reading and posting them yourself. The content is obtained with their other product, Quuu Promote, where writers submit their best articles they want Quuu to promote. Later, Quuu’s team hand-picks the ones that correspond to the category or interests you selected and curates content for you. Your social accounts are engaging and appear as interesting to your followers, while you take care of different aspects of social media managing. It is a win-win for everyone.

Key benefits:

Your profile will be more appealing with all the interesting and valuable information that you’ll be posting. It will create organic traffic on your pages and attract genuine followers. More followers equals more potential clients and sales opportunities!



  1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a web-based software that helps identify visitors to your website and generate sale leads designated for B2B businesses. It gives you solid lead insights that provide valuable information to your salesforce. It also saves you a lot of effort looking for contacts when all that data is obtained automatically. You can see what pages are visited and what time is spent on your website not only by potential clients but also your competitors. The tool tracks browsers behavior using Google Analytics data and gives you clear view of your Adwords campaign.

Key benefits:

This tool will save you money on unnecessary actions and let you redirect your efforts. You will be able to focus on those businesses that are serious about spending their money with you!


  1. Tailwind

Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest, being the optimum choice to manage your Pinterest account. It is a scheduling tool that helps you be consistent with pinning and building your profile’s authority. The software chooses the most optimal time to post and repin, based on your audience’s activity on Pinterest. You can choose how many posts you want it to pin per day and how many times during the day. Tailwind lets you save a lot of time by letting you upload pins to post once or twice per week and smart-schedule them to appear evenly distributed throughout the day. It greatly enhances engagement on your Pinterest page and gives you analytical data to help you grow your account.

Key benefits:

You can’t go wrong with Pinterest’s official partner if you understand the importance of pinning in online marketing. Tailwind will optimize your profile’s actions and make it much more visible and engaging. Just wait for all the traffic it will generate to your blog or company website!


  1. Nimble

This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool provides integration and ease of access to businesses looking for the most effective way to communicate with their clientele. It’s a complete solution that works across all social channels and automatically collects and manages data. This tool tracks down and gathers contact profiles, greatly facilitating engaging with individuals that are relevant to your business. Nimble is automatically integrated with gmail and lets you schedule emails and updates in the context of your business goals. What’s more, all the details gathered are handled in a very smart manner, with the right tags added immediately and any duplications solved easily. It also works great for recruiting or keeping your team’s contacts neatly organised and updated.

Key benefits:

It allows you to build and nurture relationships that might lead into great opportunities. Nimble facilitates the process of making key partnerships and turning connections into revenue. Whether you’re a single person or a team member, Nimble can help you open many doors and take your company to the next level.



  1. Adobe Spark

This web app allows non-designers create stunning graphics, web pages and video stories. It is a great solution for bloggers, marketers and small businesses that want to achieve professional looking content in minutes. When you go to spark.adobe.com, you can choose one of the three tools that you are interested in – Post, Page or Video. Each tool contains a variety of great features and beautiful, pre-designed templates. Adobe Spark is easy to use and free for everyone, being the best choice on the market for creating social graphics, business flyers, posters, animated videos and more!

Key benefits:

This tools lets you save money on graphic designers as literally anyone can create graphics with Adobe Spark. No matter your service or product, beautiful images or interesting videos are eye-catching and drag attention. Visibility is exactly what you need to generate sales!



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