4 apps to install and boost your sales quickly

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How to boost your sales quickly and get more cash from your ecommerce? Sometimes it’s just a matter of testing what the community has to offer.

Testing is one of the best way to discover what will be works on your website and what doesn’t.

Give a try to these awesome 4 tools we absolutely love! We have tested them personally in various online shops and seen all them work. But it’s not only us. Each one of them has a devoted community who uses them on a daily basis.

Have a look and don’t forget to tell us what are your favourite tools in the comments!


1. DRIFT – A messaging app for sales and customer success

Drift emulates the experience of physically walking into a store and having a rep ask you if you’d like any help. From that first point of contact, an entire sales conversation opens up, where you can handle objections, recommend products and make the sale.


How You Can Use Drift to convert your website visitors into customers?

1) Start by showing your face.

Over the last few years, businesses automated every part of the customer experience. But very often we’ve forgotten about the single most important part of doing business in the first place: people.

Upload your photo or photos of your team and you’d be surprised at how many deals you can win and customers you can delight just by saying hello, making small talk, and proving you’re a real person.

It works in real life right? So why wouldn’t you take advantage of that for your business on your website.


2) Create targeted messages

Your best leads today are the people that are already visiting your website. You just need to reach out and let them know you’re there — and that’s where messaging comes in. Start automated messages saying hello to your website visitors as you would do in a normal store.

By using Drift you can create these automatic massages very quickly and customize when to send them by defining how long someone stays on your site. 
You can even get more targeted and display a message based on where your visitor came from, how much time they have spent on your site, past behavior, and more.


Hours & Availability

You can also set offline hours so you’ll never miss a message even when you’re away. Your visitors will be able to leave their name and short message so you can follow up whenever you’re ready and back online.



Price: Free

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2. Girafi – Get more social media exposure, feedback and grow your email list


Your website visitors are coming to you because they are looking for products you have. Girafi will help you to encourage them to buy faster and reach their friends by offering them the right incentive.

Reward your website visitors for completing simple tasks with promo codes, exclusive access or any other freebie. All they have to do is share your message, sign up to your newsletter, fill out a short survey or all at once.

How it works? You can see Girafi in action on GIF below.


Coupon pop-up Girafi


We all hate pop-ups stopping you from seeing content or leaving the website. With Girafi you can create a highly visible widget that is activated by the user. The best part? You can customize it to fit your website perfectly.



Here you can see how you can start using Girafi

1) Set your goals

First step is to choose what you want from your website visitors


  • social media exposure (Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin shares)

Encourage your visitors to share your website link in their social media channels. GIRAFI verifies each post so people cannot cheat. Moreover all referrals are posted with a “Public” or “Friends” privacy setting – so you can be sure that post or message will reach a wide audience.

  •  get feedback with a short survey

Create a super easy to complete survey. You can build one with a step by step tool or try templates for a variety of cases. All answers will be collected and organized – ready for you to analyze. Get to know what your customers think about your shop and products!

  • collect emails

Grow your email list with ease. Do you know that website visitors are more likely to give you their address when motivated with a incentive.

  • wideo

Subtly improve your brand awareness and explain your products or show latest news in a friendly way. All your customers have to do is watch your video!



2) Reward your customers

To get the best results it’s very important to offer the right incentive. Choose the right reward and get more out of your website visitors.


  • Promo code

Everyone love buying cheaper! You can set one code for all or generate a unique for each customer

  • Download file

Reward your customers with exclusive content for e.g. ebook

  • Exclusive Access (link)

You have something reserved only for special customers? An special deal? Limited products? Pick this option and redirect people to desired location


3) Track your results


  • See what people write above the shared link to your website, while completing the “share task”
  • Track how efficient each post was in terms of total views and the number of new people who landed in your store from social media shares
  • Learn more about them – get to know their age, gender and social media reach


Price: Free



3. Mailchimp – email marketing


Keeping in touch with customers is crucial for every business. There is no better way than an e-mail – personalized, convenient and useful. We recommend using a tool like Mailchimp to create and send regular updates about your offers. Imagine how much more business you could get if you make your customer feel special and send out a special coupon.


Our top 3 features we absolutely love about Mailchimp:


1) It’s easy to use. Their tool to build campaigns is a hustle free and effortless even if you don’t have any coding experience. Same goes for your e-mail list – import or export in a few clicks!



2) It integrates with nearly everything! You can connect it with your e-commerce and get loads of additional data for even more personalized emails. Mailchimp checks your customers past purchases and allows you to deduce what will they most likely buy next.



3) The analytics goes even further. Using advanced reporting and Google Analytics you can make a well informed decision what to promote in your email marketing campaigns.


Best part of it all? They also have a free account 🙂

Price: Free
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4.  Hurrify: Show Customers That The Clock is Ticking (Literally)


We humans are to some extent predictable. If we see something we might miss we will do a lot to get it now:) Countdown timers give marketing specialists a powerful tool.

Using a tool like Hurrify you can make your customers feel a sense of urgency. Show them that other customers have already bought your product and they may overlook a great offer.



If big ecommerces like Amazon uses this trick then it must work 🙂


Price: 6,99 $/monthly
Get Hurrify


Hurrify is just for Shopify e-commerce owners. Below you can find alternatives for other platforms.

Woocommerce – check here

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